Sharpen Now

For professional quality kitchen knife sharpening that will make all of your cutting, chopping and slicing tasks a breeze, contact Sharpen Now today!

We offer professional service, convenient shipping and fast turnaround times. Choose Sharpen Now today and don't cut with a dull knife again!


Sharpen Now offers convenient, fast sharpening of your knives. Our prepaid delivery kit is easy to use and ensures your knives are sharpened professionally and returned to you with our no hassle guarantee. Our kit offers everything you need to ship your knives to us and have them shipped back quickly sharp as new! Just fill out your information, insert your knives in the secure kit sleeves and drop the package in your mailbox; you don't even have to leave your home!


Our Sharpen Now kit offers everything you need to have your knives professionally sharpened. With 4 knife guards, sharpening fees and 2 prepaid priority shipping labels, Sharpen Now makes it easy for the home chef to get that professional edge they need.


Use our Sharpen Again service and have your knives re-sharpened any time you like! Existing customers just re-use our secure shipping kit to ship their knives back to us for re-sharpening.

Sharpen Again is easy to use and offers the same professional service and fast turnaround times of our Sharpen Now kits. Click Sharpen Again and have your knives sharpened professionally today!