I use my knives every day, how long does the sharpening process take?

Sharpen Now provides fast, professional kitchen knife sharpening and offers a fast 24 hour turnaround time. Our prepaid, secure knife sharpening kit makes it easy and convenient for the home chef to send their knives to us and receive them back within 3 days. All times vary based on the USPS delivery times, but we strive for a fast turnaround time with every knife sharpening service.

Do you provide insurance for my knives?

Sharpen Now understands that some of today's kitchen knives can be quite costly. We provide $250.00 insurance on every knife kit. Contact us if your knives are valued higher and you need more insurance.

Do you provide tracking?

Sharpen Now provides full tracking of your knives via the USPS confirmation service. You will receive an email with full tracking information when your knives are shipped back to you.

Where will my knives be sent?

Sharpen Now can ship your knives to any address you wish. Just provide the address on the information card provided you’re your secure kit when sending them to us.

Is the secure kit reusable?

Sharpen Now uses high quality materials when designing our secure kits. When you receive your sharpened knives, keep the kit for future use. When you need to have your knives sharpened again, utilize our Sharpen Again feature and the saved packaging and send your knives back for re-sharpening.