When you want sharper, safer knives for home use, Sharpen Now is standing by with fast, professional service designed to make cooking easier and more convenient.

If you are a home chef and you cook a lot, you know the value of a sharp knife. Dull knives in the kitchen cause accidents because you need to use more force and the blade could slip and slice your finger. Who has time for an ER visit when you are trying out your culinary skills?

A sharp knife can make cooking at home easy and safe. Your cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing will become much more efficient and your knife skills will grow. Sharpen Now is your solution to dull, unsafe knives; get your knives sharpened now with Sharpen Now!

Founded by a professional, experienced knife sharpener who is dedicated to quality workmanship and professional cutlery care, Sharpen Now is a customer centric company offering the only convenient, affordable home knife sharpening service in the industry. Our founder, (name here), is a born and raised Bostonian and the daughter of a professional knife sharpener so you could say the passion runs through her veins. Her craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every knife receives the care and sharp edge it deserves to meet our customers' needs.

Sharpen Now is the country's first prepaid and permitted USPS priority knife mailing kit designed with the needs of today's home chefs in mind. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time and are committed to providing the consistent results today's chef's demand. Our fully automated system makes it easy for anyone to have their home kitchen knives sharpened professionally without leaving their home. For the quality you can count on, count on Sharpen Now today!

When professional chefs all over the world need their knives sharpened, they have always relied on trained master craftsmen who have the skills necessary to create a finely sharpened edge. Don't rely on your local hardware store to sharpen your knives and don't trust those "As Seen on TV" gadgets that just don't work. Sharpen Now offers professional knife sharpening and reconditioning by hand using methods that have been used for centuries. If your knife is dull, chipped, bent or in need of reconditioning, contact Sharpen Now and let our experts make it like new again!